Architectural Metal Styles

Metal roofing comes in a wide variety of thicknesses, styles, and architectural efficiencies. Bold, monochromatic colors accentuate details of your home expressing both taste and durability, while creating a lasting impression. Metal holds up well under various weather conditions, and is generally Class IV impact resistant.

  • Comes in long panels customized and installed on-site
  • Long term reliability
  • 30 yr warranties apply to the paint finish color
  • Detailed installation, more precision and planning
  • Difficult expansion if modifying your building, batching on paint can make noticeable color differences
  • Class IV Impact Resistant, usually cosmetic damage (hail denting) is not insured

Damage on metal roofing can sometimes be tricky as well. Denting from hail or flying debris can sometimes affect the visual cosmetics of the roof, but insurance will not generally pay for replacement of the roof unless some of those dents occur on seams, which are the weak points of a metal roof. Additionally, stepping on the seams of a metal roof can cause irreparable damage, so qualified service people must be used to address any heating and air conditioning repairs on the roof.

As a Class IV Impact Resistant option, metal roofing is a solid way to protect your sloped roof.

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