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GKS Commercial is the commercial branch of Forster Construction Inc, and has been serving Texas and New Mexico for over 25 years.  GKS Commercial installs roofs and more.  It works with design, commercial framing, windows, siding, and custom home building.  In addition to the many other cities it services in Texas and New Mexico, it is also a Levelland roofing company. 

Besides its broad range of roofing services, GKS also offers free roof inspections.  This applies to all types of roofs and waterproofing projects.  These include a review of the existing roof, an interior and exterior inspection of problem areas, a visual inspection of the roof, and consideration of historical data related to the roof.  This investigation helps determine which roofing system will work best.  The focus and intent is to find the best quality solution for the problem so that the current problems never re-occur.  GKS evaluates and analyzes difficult roofing and waterproofing projects.

GKS provides assistance in determining the long-term needs and performance of the roof.  This involves long-term roof planning and management.  Roofing materials and facts need to be weighed against each other in light of your particular situation.  There are differences regarding prefabrication, installation, seaming, flashing and warranties.

There are flat roof options for your commercial buildings.  The best option is Duro-Last.  It is pre-fabricated at the factory specifically for your building.  It is designed to eliminate the causes of roofing failures.  There is a 15-year warranty with no exclusions and no declining value.  The white color helps lower utility costs.  It is heat-fused at all seams, 85% of the seams are done at the factory.  It has a Class IV Impact Resistance rating. 

Another flat roof option is TPO.  It comes in rolls and is heat-welded together.  It is less adequate than Duro-Last.  The white color helps lower utility costs.  There is a 20-year prorated warranty, but with many exclusions.  There is no in-factory manufacturing, all components are assembled on-site.  It is heat-fused by the installer, 100% on the site.  There is no Class IV Impact Resistance available.

The Modified/Built-up Roof comes in narrow rolls.  This kind of roof has many more seams than the above-mentioned styles.  Roof seams are the weakest roof points.  A built-up roof can provide long-time performance, but sometimes faulty installations prevent this.  This type of roof does not improve utility costs.  There are 20-year prorated warranties, but with many exclusions.    The installation is slow, dirty, with toxic fumes, and a higher injury risk.  There is no in-factory manufacturing, everything is assembled on-site.  There is a greater potential for problems with this kind of roof, and there is no Class IV Impact Resistance availability.

Spray Foam is a short-term solution for commercial roofs.  These types of roofs must be re-coated regularly as damage occurs regularly.  It improves utility costs because it insulates the roof.   However, there are only short-term warranties with exclusions and limitations.  Usually, the current roof is left in place.  It is assembled on-site.  There can be mixing and coverage fluctuations.  It is not Class IV Impact Resistant.  It can be easily damaged by hail.

If your need is commercial roofing, or residential roofing, contact GKS Commercial or Forster Construction.  This Levelland roofing company offers free inspections to get you on the right pathway to solving your roofing issues.

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