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A commercial Big Spring roofing company is GKS, which is the commercial branch of Forster Construction, a roofing company that serves Texas and New Mexico.  With years of experience, GKS Commercial is able to take care of any type of commercial roofing problem. 

Problems with metal roofs come from weak seams and popped screws.  These can lead to leakage.  These problems can be exacerbated by foot traffic, such as a HVAC technician walking on the roof.  Metal roofs are not effective on low-slope and flat roofs, as metal requires adequate drainage.  Pooled water corrodes the metal.  All the points of penetration of the metal, such as the screws, plumbing pipes, AC units, and more, make it difficult to keep water out.

The Duro-Shield Metal Roofing Retrofit system is the long-term way to protect your building against weather changes, rust, corrosion, ice build-up, temperature changes, and rain.  Thus it becomes an effective shield against leaks and also raises the value of your home.  Duro-Last protects commercial and industrial installations with a 15-year warranty that is transferable.  There is no exclusion for ponding water.  It is pre-fabricated at the factory for your building.  The heat-fused seams make for the strongest roofing seams in the world.  85% of the seams are done at the factory.

GKS Commercial offers Duro-Last, “Duro-Last, the World’s Best Roof©.”   There are hundreds of satisfied Duro-Last customers.  Duro-Last helps save on utility costs.  All projects are designed and pre-engineered to solve the specific needs and problems of each roofing application.  Most of the seaming is done at the factory, therefore there is less potential for installation errors and leaks.  There are custom accessories, such as flashing for HVAC units, skylights and chimneys.  These accessories are prepared at the factory based on the measurements given by the installer, therefore, the Duro-Last material fits exactly over every opening on the roof, thus preventing leaks and problems.  Duro-Last comes in white (as well as other colors), but the white color is energy efficient since it reflects heat.     

There are other types of metal roofs besides Duro-Last.  One type is TPO.  TPO demonstrates the one  weakness of metal roofs which is that metal roofs have weak points.   If a TPO roof is punctured, the hole can become larger due to the wind or other conditions.  Any damage should be reported to the installer.  This includes not just weather or hail damage, but also damage from HVAC technicians who might drop their tools on the roof.  There are warranties that can be purchased for a TPO roof, but they exclude certain conditions and problems.

TPO roofs have no pre-manufacturing.  This means they are heat-seamed on-site.  They do help keep utility costs low, due to their reflective ability.  However, damage from a hail storm or from a technician dropping tools on the roof needs to be reported to the roof installer as soon as possible. 

Modified or built-up roofs are traditional roofing solutions, but have multiple problems.  There is an under layer as well as a top layer, allowing for many more seams than TPO or Duro-Last.  There can be long-lasting performance if they are installed correctly, but many companies install them incorrectly.  This type of roof absorbs large amounts of heat.  The fact that there are two layers, an under layer and upper layer, creates multiple seams.  Inconsistent variations of seaming and depth allows for more problems.  This was the favorite installation of the 1950’s.  These roofs are not reliable under extreme weather.  The tar which is used as a water sealant does not hold up under the hot sun.

Forster Construction and GKS Commercial Construction provide customer service both during and after the installation process.  This Big Springs roofing company is a full service roofing company.  Call them for your roofing needs. 

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