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There is a Plainview roofing company, Forster Construction, that has been solving roofing problems for thirty years.  It works with all types of roofing materials, from metal to shingle to foam.  However, there are preferred materials and Forster Construction will direct you to the best possible solution for your roofing needs.  Not all materials are the same in longevity and sustainability.  The Forster Construction site has extensive information and references regarding the different types of work that they do.

If you have a metal roof, it is important that a qualified person inspect the roof after a hail storm.  Stepping on the seams of the panels can damage the roof.  Roofing repairs, as well as HVAC repairs, must be done by qualified and knowledgeable professionals who know how to prevent seam damage.  Also, after a hail storm, seams must be inspected thoroughly, as they are the weakest part of metal roofs.  Forster Construction, with its trained staff of workers and two insurance adjusters, are qualified to make these kinds of inspections.

One of the many kinds of roofs Forster carries are Decra-metal roofs.  These roofs are designed to be both elegant and functional.  Thus, they increase home value.  They appear as Spanish tile, wooden shingles or other designs.  They provide functionality with aesthetics.  They perform well in all weather conditions.  They are Class IV impact resistant.  They will not crack, curl, split, rot, break or burn. 

Of course, one standard roofing option is shingles.   Shingles protect sloped roofs and vary in style, durability, and color.  Certain types of shingles can be Class IV Impact Resistant.  They are not as durable in general as metal roofing, and must be inspected periodically, especially after damaging storms.  Warranties range from 25 to 50 years, depending upon the quality of the shingle.  As with any home expansion, if there is an addition to the home, the shingles put on the new roof may vary slightly by batch color from former shingles.  Shingles range from low cost, low-year warranty shingles to Class IV Impact Resistance Shingles. 

There are many more products and services provided by this Plainview roofing company.  All of these are viewable at the Forster website.  Along with the detailed description of the different roofing products offered, there are lists of satisfied customers.  A few of these are Hale Center ISD, Lamesa ISD, Kelton ISD, Indiana Gardens Shopping Center (Lubbock), Silent Wings Museum (Lubbock) and Cheddars (Lubbock).

Contact Forster Construction for a free inspection of your roofing problem.  Or, if you are a commercial establishment, you can contact their commercial branch, GKS Commercial.  With thirty years of experience, they are well able to help you with any roofing solutions.

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