Have A Commercial Sloped Metal Roof?


All roofing systems have areas of weakness. In a metal roof, that weakness takes form in popped screws and weak seams that can create problems down the road. Foot traffic (like HVAC technicians walking on it), weathering and the constant expansion and contraction of the metal due to temperature variance, are areas of concern for this type of roof. Every screw and seam is a potential leak hazard on a metal roof.

The Duro-Shield Metal Roofing Retrofit system is the long-term way to protect your building against rain, temperature changes, interior drips, ice build-up, and rust and corrosion.

If time has caught up with your metal roof, it’s time you consider the Duro-Shield roofing system. Contact us today to find out how a Duro-Shield metal retrofit roofing system can help you lock out leaks and lock in your investment.

Duro-Last protects commercial and industrial installations with a comprehensive 15-year warranty. This warranty is transferable and provides maximum protection, including coverage against consequential damages that may result from defects in the Duro-Last material, which are very unlikely. This warranty also offers a feature that is unique among roofing systems; there is no exclusion for ponding water. We also place a 15-year warranty on our labor. Call Forster Construction, the Lubbock roofer who is ready to meet your roofing needs.

Best Option for sloped roof


Commercial Metal – Metal roofs come in a wide variety of thicknesses, styles, and architectural efficiencies. Metal tends to hold up well under various weather conditions, and is generally Class IV impact resistant. It also allows more heat transfer than other types of roofs (like Duro-Last, TPOs, and spray foam), but is not affected by most adverse weather conditions.

  • Comes in long panels customized and installed on-site
  • Long term reliability is high with regular maintenance
  • Does not improve utility costs
  • Standard warranties apply to paint finish
  • Weather tightness warranties are available for purchase, and decline in value in many cases
  • Slow, detailed installation, without business interruption in most cases
  • 100% assembled on-site, no manufacturer oversight
  • Installed 100% on-site, requiring precision
  • Difficult expansion if modifying your building, batching on paint can make slight color differences
  • Class IV Impact Resistant, usually cosmetic damage (hail denting) is not insured

The most common weaknesses of a metal roof is popped screws and lap seams. From strong winds and alternate heating and cooling, the lap seams allow water in and the fastening screws can work their way up from the roof, requiring tightening and, in many cases, sealing of the screws.

Damage on a metal roof can sometimes be tricky as well. Denting from hail or flying debris can sometimes affect the visual cosmetics of the roof, but insurance will not generally pay for replacement of the roof unless some of those dents occur on seams, which are the weak points of a metal roof. Additionally, stepping on the seams of a metal roof can cause irreparable damage, so qualified service people must be used to address any heating and air conditioning repairs on the roof.

As a Class IV Impact Resistant option, metal roofing is a solid way to protect your sloped roof, and even if you decide decades later to change to another type of roof, a metal roof provides a fantastic foundation to anchor the new roof.

Second Best Option for sloped roof


Shingle – Shingles are a solid way to protect your sloped roof, and can vary greatly in style, color, and durability. Certain types can be Class IV Impact Resistant, provide good protection, and can be generally more attractive on a sloped roof than commercial metals.

  • Comes in bundles, assembled and installed on site
  • Moderate reliability, periodic inspections necessary, especially after violent storms
  • Does not improve utility costs, and, in fact, can hold heat in the summer
  • Warranties are standard, from 25 to 50 years, depending on the quality of the shingle
  • Moderate installation period, noisy, but not business-killing
  • 100% assembled on-site, no manufacturer oversight. Most roofing companies decent at shingle installation. We are superb
  • Installed 100% on-site, requires consistency and more labor, as the small bundles require a lot of moving and fastening
  • Relatively easy expansion with only moderate additional waste, batching on material can make slight color differences between old and new shingles

Shingle variety is extreme: from cottage-like beauty to 3-tab efficiency; low cost 25-year to more expensive presidential Class IV Impact Resistance. We use only the best brands of shingles according to the style needed by the customer.

Damage on shingles is usually easy to discern, and insurance claims are generally effective. We offer a 10-year warranty on our labor on shingle work, in writing, the longest of any of our competitors.