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GKS Commercial | Lubbock Commercial Roofing

GKS Commercial was founded in 1985, and has been serving the Texas Region with distinction and quality for over 26 years. GKS Commercial is an entity of Forster Construction Inc, and widely contributes to many of our commercial developments. Our specialty is providing commercial roofing services, which have pleased business owners, CEOs, and superintendents all over Texas and New Mexico. We have in-depth commercial roofing experience as well as a strong technical background in design, custom home building, commercial framing, windows and siding, and much more.

We offer the very best in commercial roofing products, for nearly any commercial roofing application imaginable. Do you need a roof that will lower your utility costs? Do you need a roof that will finally stop all the leaking at your business? Do you want the best commercial roofing warranty in the world? We have a product and an installation solution for you!

We offer a broad range of commercial roofing services, including, but definitely not limited to:

Free Roof Inspection and Analysis

We perform free roof inspections on all types of commercial roofing and waterproofing projects.These inspections generally include:

  • A review of the existing roof on the facility and any other historical data related to the project.
  • An interior and exterior inspection of all the problem areas.
  • A visual inspection of the roof and related areas.
  • An exploratory core sample to determine which commercial roofing system will best work to solve the problematic areas.

The emphasis is on understanding and solving your commercial roofing and waterproofing needs in order to give you the best quality roof so that current problems never re-occur.


Roof Testing on Existing Roofs

GKS provides a variety of testing services to assist in the evaluation and analysis of difficult commercial roofing and waterproofing projects. Based on our findings from the free inspection, we will then decide what system will work best, and ensure the installation of the commercial roofing system will be fast and dependable.


Long-Term Planning for Roof Management

GKS provides assistance with long-term roof management and planning. This includes prioritizing roof maintenance needs, projecting the long-term performance of the roof, as well as assisting you with your budgeting plans so that a new, better-quality roof can be installed without draining your budget.


When looking for your next roof

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