We at Forster Construction and GKS Commercial Construction believe in taking care of our customers during and after the installation process. Please call us immediately if you notice anything out of the ordinary. All minor repairs and check-ups are free of charge to you; it is all part of Forster’s great customer care program. We will be happy to come out and inspect your roof and we promise that it will be within 24 hours of receiving your call.

Also, if you have just experienced a hail storm or any other weather-related issues that may have possibly damaged your roof or building, please give us a call as soon as possible. Remember that just because there are no immediate consequences, such as water leaking inside your building, there may still be damage on the roof; so we still prefer that you call in and report it. This way we can inspect your roofing structure and make sure everything is still intact and working properly, and you can avoid any further damage or costly interior repairs.


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We provide a workmanship warranty on all our products.

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