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When you purchase a new roof, one extremely important consideration is the warranty for the roof.  Forster Construction, a Midland roofing company, carries a wide variety of roofing products with different kinds of warranties. 

For example, their Class IV Impact Resistant Shingle, which is a luxury shingle style, carries a lifetime warranty.  The unique styles of these shingles give your home distinction in your neighborhood.  Having this type of shingle qualifies the homeowner for insurance discounts.  Wind warranties vary on these shingles, but some are good up to 150 mph.  Some of these styles are Class IV Impact Resistant.  These kinds of shingles can increase your home’s value.

The HD Shingle is a High Definition shingle.  It lasts 30-50 years, with many styles to choose from, and this type of shingle also increases home value.  The wind warranty is up to 130 mph.  There is also a limited lifetime warranty. 

A 3-Tab Shingle is the most cost-efficient way to shingle a home.  These shingles withstand 50 -60 mph winds under warranty.  3-Tab Shingles may be the most cost-efficient way to shingle a home, but they are not the most long-lasting way.

If 3-Tab shingles are the shortest-lived residential answer, then spray roofing is the shortest-lived commercial answer.  Spray-roofing was tried as a cost-effective way cover flat roofs.  However, drawbacks have been discovered.  This kind of roofing must be re-coated every few years.  There are only short-term warranties, carrying multiple exclusions.   There is inconsistency of coverage.  There is no manufacturer support or oversight of installation.   There is no Class IV Impact Resistance.  Therefore, spray-roofing can be hail-damaged easily.  Leaks can be deceptive.  A leak may start several feet away from where it actually enters the building.  This requires a full resealing of the roof just to correct a single leak.  Of course, that resealing is at the customer’s expense.

Whether the building being covered is residential or commercial, there are different kinds of products with different kinds of warranties.  It is important to completely understand the differences.  Some warranties are without limitations, and some have limitations.  All this needs to be discussed with Forster Construction or GKS Commercial, their commercial roofing branch, before initiating work on the roof.  Free inspections are offered.

Forster and GKS have a number of happy customers who have given them references over the years.  These can be viewed at their site.  Some of these customers include Kermit ISD, Spur ISD, Courtyard Marriot (Midland), and the Southwest Medical Center (Lubbock). GKS can tackle and solve commercial problems such as installing a roof that lowers utility costs or solving roof leaks once and for all.  They offer an excellent roofing warranty.

If you need residential or commercial roofing in Midland, call this Midland roofing company.  They offer a free inspection to help solve your current roofing problems.

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