At Forster Construction we offer the exceptional roof repair in Lubbock. Shingles are a solid way to protect your sloped roof, and can vary greatly in style, color, and durability. Certain types can be Class IV Impact Resistant, provide good protection, and can be generally more attractive on a sloped roof than commercial metals.

  • Comes in bundles, assembled and installed on site
  • Moderate reliability, periodic inspections necessary, especially after violent storms
  • Warranties are standard, from 25 to 50 years, depending on the quality of the shingle
  • 1-2 day installation period, noisy, but not overly disruptive
  • Most roofing companies are decent at shingle installation. We are superb
  • Relatively easy expansion with only moderate additional waste, batching on material can make slight color differences between old and new shingles

Shingle variety is extreme: from cottage-like beauty to 3-tab efficiency; low cost 25-year to more expensive presidential Class IV Impact Resistance. We use only the best brands of shingles according to the style needed by the customer. If you need a roof repair we have the material and expertise to get it fixed well.



  • Carry lifetime warranty
  • Insurance discounts on home coverage
  • Limited colors available
  • Some styles include luxury shingle types
  • Varying amounts of wind warranty, up to 150 mph


  • Styles include Cottage, Presidential, Carriage House, Grand Manor, etc
  • Have unique styling to accent any exterior decorating scheme
  • Provides a distinction from your neighborhood
  • Increased home value
  • Some are Class IV Impact Resistant
  • Varying amounts of wind warranty, up to 150 mph


  • From manufacturer GAF/ELK, this is what used to be called 30-50 year High Definition
  • Most common style
  • Many colors to choose from
  • Increased home value
  • Now carry limited lifetime warranty
  • 130 mph wind warranty


  • 50-60 mph wind warranty
  • Cost-efficient way to shingle a house

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