Decra-metal roofs are both beautiful and functional. Designed to appear as wooden shingles, Spanish tile, or a variety of other designs, Decra-Metal roofs provide the greatest functionality combined with the best aesthetics. Performs exceptional in all weather conditions and is Class IV impact resistant.

  • Comes in bundled sections, assembled and installed on-site
  • Long term reliability
  • Increase home value
  • Won’t crack, break, burn, curl, split or rot
  • Warranties are standard with Decra-Metal roofs, usually 50 years
  • Detailed installation, more precision and planning
  • Lightweight and usually installed over existing roof
  • Ease of expansion if modifying your home, batching on stone covering can make color differences
  • Class IV Impact Resistant, cosmetic damage is not generally covered

Decra-metals are the durable and attractive way to cover your house; they are designed with the world’s most elegant roof styles in mind. Made of durable metal and coated in stone, Decra-metal roofs are long-lasting, impact resistant (which gets you an insurance discount), and carry fantastic warranties.

Our installation teams install Decra-metal efficiently and effectively and are experts in roofing repair. There is a huge variety of Decra-metal roofs to choose from, making perfect solutions for every house.

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