Best Option: Duro-Last 

  • Duro-Last is the only roofing application pre-fabricated in the factory specifically for your building
  • Designed to eliminate causes of roofing failures: Poor workmanship, design, and material White color helps lower your utility costs
  • Unrivaled 15-year warranty, with no declining value, and no exclusions
  • Easily and quickly installed
  • Assembled in sheets of up to 2500 sq ft for efficient installation
  • Heat-fused at all seams, strongest roofing seams in the world. 85% of seams done in factory
  • Serviceable: modifications to your building can be heat-seamed into existing Duro-Last roof
  • Highest (Class IV) Impact Resistance rating

2nd Best Option: TPO

  • Comes in rolls, spread out to cover roof, and heat-welded together
  • Designed to protect adequately, less advanced than Duro-Last
  • White color helps lower utility costs
  • 20-year prorated warranty is available for purchase, many exclusions
  • Easily and quickly installed
  • No in-house manufacturing, all components assembled on-site
  • Heat-fused at seams by installers, 100% on-site
  • Serviceable: modifications to your building can be heat-seamed into existing TPO roof
  • No Class IV Impact Resistance availability

3rd Best Option: Modified/Built-up Roofs

  • Comes in narrow rolls, leaving many more seams than TPO or Duro-Last. (Seams are the weakest point of this type of roof)
  • Long-time performance if installed correctly, but rarely done right currently
  • Does not improve utility costs
  • 20-year prorated warranty available for purchase, many exclusions
  • Slow and dirty installation, toxic fumes and higher injury risk during installation
  • No in-house manufacturing, all components assembled on-site
  • No manufacturing in-house, 100% on-site assembly
  • Installed by installers, 100% on-site seaming and layering
  • Dirtier expansion process if modifying your building, more potential for problems
  • No Class IV Impact Resistance availability

4th Best Option: Spray Foam

  • Comes in 2-part chemical, combined on-site to form polyurethane foam
  • Not reliable for long-term performance. Must be re-coated every few years as damage can occur regularly
  • Improves utility costs through insulating roof
  • Short-term warranties available for coating only, with exclusions and limitations
  • Fast installation, high probability of problems and mistakes
  • Usually, all existing components of your current roof system are left in place without little prep work before applying the SPF causing failure
  • 100% assembled on-site, no manufacturer oversight
  • Installed 100% on-site, mixing and coverage fluctuate
  • Easy expansion if modifying your building, excessive coating over seam from old to new
  • No Class IV Impact Resistance, hail damages easily

Have a metal roof on your business?

Metal roofs have weak points in them that can cause the system to fail. Popped screws and weak seams create problems down the road through foot traffic (like HVAC technicians walking on it) and weathering. Every screw and seam is a potential leak hazard on a metal roof


Additionally, metal is not an effective roof for low-slope and flat roofs, as it requires adequate drainage to keep water from ponding on the surface. Water is the number one corroder of metal roofs, and with so many penetrations in metal (thousands of screws, AC units, plumbing pipes, etc) it is nearly impossible to keep all the water out.


The Duro-Shield Metal Roofing Retrofit system is the long-term way to protect your building against rain, temperature changes, interior drips, ice build-up, and rust and corrosion.


If time has caught up with your metal roof, it’s time you consider the Duro-Shield roofing system. Contact us today to find out how a Duro-Shield metal retrofit roofing system can help you lock out leaks and lock in your investment.


Duro-Last protects commercial and industrial installations with a comprehensive 15-year warranty. This warranty is transferable and provides maximum protection, including coverage against consequential damages that may result from defects in the Duro-Last material, which are very unlikely. This warranty also offers a feature that is unique among roofing systems; there is no exclusion for ponding water. We also place a 15 year warranty on our labor. Forster Construction is a Lubbock roofing company prepared to meet all your roofing needs.