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Commercial sloped roofs offer numerous benefits that make them a popular choice for businesses and industrial properties. Their angled design promotes efficient water runoff, reducing the risk of leaks and water damage. Sloped roofs also provide better ventilation and insulation, improving energy efficiency and indoor comfort. Additionally, they offer aesthetic appeal and can accommodate a variety of roofing materials to suit architectural preferences. With their durability and ability to withstand different weather conditions, commercial sloped roofs are a valuable investment for property protection and value.

Sloped Roof Options


Commercial Metal

Metal roofs come in a wide variety of thicknesses, styles, and architectural efficiencies. Metal tends to hold up well under various weather conditions, and is generally Class IV impact resistant. It also allows more heat transfer than other types of roofs (like Duro-Last, TPOs, and spray foam), but is not affected by most adverse weather conditions.

Key points about commercial metal roofs:

Installation and Customization

  • Long panels are customized and installed on-site.
  • Detailed installation ensures long-term reliability.
  • No business interruption during installation.

Warranties and Maintenance

  • Standard warranties apply to the paint finish.
  • Weather tightness warranties are available for purchase but may decline in value over time.
  • Regular maintenance is essential for high reliability.

Class IV Impact Resistance

  • Metal roofing provides solid protection for sloped roofs.
  • Even if you switch to another roof type later, a metal roof serves as a strong foundation.

Weaknesses and Considerations

  • Popped screws and lap seams are common issues.
  • Denting from hail or debris can affect visual appearance.
  • Insurance may not cover cosmetic damage unless it occurs on seams.
  • Stepping on seams can cause irreparable damage.

Key points about commercial shingle roofs:

Installation and Reliability

  • Shingles come in bundles and are assembled and installed on-site.
  • Moderate reliability with periodic inspections, especially after storms.
  • No improvement in utility costs, and they can retain heat in summer.

Warranties and Installation

  • Standard warranties range from 25 to 50 years, based on shingle quality.
  • Installation is moderate in duration and can be noisy but not disruptive.
  • 100% assembled on-site, ensuring precision.

Expansion and Variety

  • Relatively easy expansion with moderate additional waste.
  • Shingle variety spans from cottage-like beauty to 3-tab efficiency.
  • We use top-quality shingle brands tailored to customer preferences.

Damage and Insurance

  • Shingle damage is usually easy to detect.
  • Insurance claims are generally effective.
  • Our labor warranty for shingle work is 10 years, the longest among competitors.


Shingles are a reliable choice for protecting sloped roofs. They come in various styles, colors, and durability levels. Some shingles are Class IV Impact Resistant and visually appealing on sloped roofs.